If you know where I can find any of the videos on this list, please contact me. I have exhausted all of my existing resources. Maybe you can help! Thanks!


  • From Manila with Love (2011) – As far as I know, this documentary short is only available as a featurette on one of the DVDs in the “Women in Cages DVD Collection”, which contains these three movies: “The Big Bird Cage” (1972), “The Big Doll House” (1971), “Women in Cages” (1971). I have one problem: I already have all three of these movies, so I only want the featurette.
  • The Dirty Dolls (1973) – I caught this very raunchy grindhouse flick years ago on “The Deuce” as part of a double-feature, which also included “The Doll Squad” (1973). I have searched for YEARS, but I have never been able to find this movie in ANY format. I have not given up yet, though!
  • Premonition (1972) – Also known as “Head” or “The Impure”. This is a weird ass movie about some people who eat some red flowers and start tripping. There is a low-res copy of this movie on YouTube at the moment, but I am looking for a better quality copy of this movie.
  • Festival (1967)