I have been a video collector for as long as I can remember. It’s always been my “thing”. All of my friends and family members know ME as the person to come to when they want to either know about a specific video or borrow a video. Not much has changed over the years. If anything, it has only gotten worse.

Dragonetta’s FLIX

For a long time now, many people have been asking me to create a listing of all the videos I own, so in response, I am creating this website, which will serve as my personal video collection database. This domain is secured and protected by 256-bit encryption. See the little green padlock in the address bar?

If you want to know which videos I have, you can come here and check the Movies index page, which will contain an alphabetized list of all the Full-Length Movies in my collection. You can also check the Television index page, which will contain an alphabetized list of all the TV Series and TV Shows in my collection. You will also be able to watch a trailer and learn a little bit of information about the video.


All of the trailers posted on this site were found on various YouTube channels. All of the information about the videos came from either IMDb, Wikipedia or Google Search Engine. I might have changed a few words here or there as I saw fit, but I do not take credit for the video descriptions on the posts.


None of the videos posted on this website are hosted on this domain. I do not claim to own any of the videos posted on this website. I am not trying to commit any type of copyright fraud. I am only sharing videos that are made shareable by YouTube. All videos reside on YouTube’s servers.